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Canute Group saves £300,000 a year with Quartix Pay As You Go vehicle tracking

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20/03/2014 - Quartix announces record growth for 2013 and appointment of new chairman

10/01/2014 - Secretary of State for Wales visits award-winning vehicle tracking company Quartix Ltd

01/10/2013 - Quartix Named Powys Business of the Year

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30/03/2014 - Quartix appoints new chairwoman

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27/03/2014 - Quartix welcomes new chairman

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Geofencing and out-of-hours: Real-Time Alarms

Prohibited zone around channel port

The Quartix system offers complete flexibility in setting up real-time alarms to inform you of unauthorised vehicle movements and other exceptions. The system allows you to set up a series of geographic zones together with the time-based rules of when vehicles should be inside or outside each zone.

For example, text or email alerts can notify you if one of your vehicles is at a channel port.

Three zone types are possible:

  • Named locations - comprising a named building or area, such as a depot, the driver's home address or a customer location
  • Geographical zones - these can be set up to encompass any shape on a map (see the example below) and are intended to show the boundaries of a territory, borough or similar
  • Standard zones - for use in notification of vehicle entry in areas such as the London Congestion Zone.

Two modes of operation can be set up:

  • Mandatory mode - the vehicle must be inside the chosen zone for the times specified
  • Prohibited mode - the vehicle must not enter the zone during the times specified.
Vehicle tracking with geofencing

Emailed notification varies according to mode. For Prohibited Mode, notification will be sent every time the zone is breached. However, breach of a chargeable zone will be notified just once in any given charging period.

The user can link from the email to a local map showing the exact location of the vehicle.

Email alert on entry to chargeable zone
SMS alert for exit from mandatory zone

Alarm messages can be sent to a mobile phone. These can be set up in either of the following ways:

  • Out-of-hours or geofence alerts - if the vehicle ignition is activated outside preset working hours, or if a geofence rule is broken, a text alarm is sent to alert the driver or owner
  • Break-in - if the vehicle is fitted with an alarm system, it can normally be wired to an input on the Quartix system. This in turn sends a text alarm to a mobile phone if a break-in occurs.

Examples of usage

Here are some examples of how our geofence system is used in practice:

  • A housing maintenance manager needs to know that all his vehicles are available on call inside the boundaries of a borough council.
    Solution - Specify the boundary of the borough as a 'Mandatory Zone' between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday (or as required).
  • A transport manager has to be sure, for insurance purposes, that HGVs are not left outside drivers' homes overnight but are instead parked in the depot.
    Solution - Specify the depot as 'Quartix Named Location: Mandatory Zone' between the hours of 8.00pm and 8.00am (or as required).
  • A business owner wants to be sure that his employees are not returning home from site during the working day.
    Solution - Designate the driver's home as a 'Quartix Named Location: Prohibited Zone' on weekdays between 8.00am and 6.00pm; emailed notification will be given if the vehicle does return home during the day.

In summary, geofencing can help you manage your business by alerting you to exceptional or prohibited behaviour - keeping you one step ahead.